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Show Up

5-Day Business Kickstarter

The no *BS* marketing blitz to launch your business idea

Launch Your Idea In 5 Days. No BS!

What if you can kickstart your business and have all the key marketing assets ready in 5 days?

How much will it cost you to pay someone to design your brand, write professional copy, build your website, set up marketing automation and create social media content? 

How much time do you think it will take for you to learn and do all this like a PRO?

I challenge you to kickstart your business with me in FIVE DAYS. Yes, I will show you exactly how you can do it all, with clarity, confidence, tips, tools and my secrets of getting things done quicker – progress over procrastination!

What to Expect

Do you have a business idea jumping around in your brilliant brain, refusing to go away and secretly, you’re freaking excited about making it all happen? Well, let me know you how you can kickstart your business and bring your idea into life in just FIVE DAYS. Yes, you heard me! That is because I am giving you 5 straight days of no BS marketing guidance and I promise you, as long as you are committed to the work and stay focused with me for 2 to 3 hours a day over 5 days, you will go from zero to launch like a pro! At the end of this Show Up Challenge, you will have access to this complete marketing toolkit to launch more ideas for 12 months.



Daily lessons & strategies


Smart resources for small businesses


Group coaching by Roslyn Foo

Daily lessons & strategies

Smart resources for small businesses

Group coaching by Roslyn Foo

In the Know

The SHOW UP CHALLENGE runs for 5 days, takes 90 minutes of focused learning time each day which includes online group coaching with practical demonstration detailing every step for you to follow through and execute at the same time.

Day 1 - Brand Creation

Create your shiny new brand for your business, campaign or product from scratch – no designers required! Learn how to design a logo, create a style guide, establish key visuals and other brand extensions like business card, letterheads, flyers and more.

Day 2 - Copy

Learn to write marketing copy like a pro with templates and an AI assistant ready to serve at your command! We’ll cover professional bio, creative story, website and email copy, press release, video script, blog posts, catchy captions for social media, ad headlines and more!

Day 3 - Website

Design and develop a brand new website or landing page – no coding or web developers required! Take advantage of ready-made templates with an easy drag and drop builder. I’ll show you how you can be up and running within one day. Yes, you can start selling right away!

Day 4 - Automation

Activate the power of automations! There are many things you can structure, systemise and schedule. It’s time to employ technology to do the repetitive mundane work whilst you focus on the important things. You will learn to set up auto responders, sales funnels, customer retention campaigns and more.

Day 5 - Social Media Marketing

Be your own social media guru. Learn how to plan, create and schedule like a professional marketer! I’ll show you how you can quickly research, curate and create for a month’s worth of content within one sitting. You will fill up your social media calendar with quality content and have them scheduled ahead.

The SHOW UP CHALLENGE is not a casual training or A FUN HOBBY, you will work hard and get stuff done!

This Challenge Is
For People Who

  • Has been sitting on a brilliant idea but didn’t have the money to invest in a launch
  • Is overwhelmed by the word “marketing” because it sounds complicated and expensive
  • Wish there’s an expert with solid experience who will show the exact NO BS steps to launch a new brand or campaign
  • Struggles with the thought of “One day I’ll regret for never launching this brilliant idea.”

Ready? Let's Go!

This $197 one-off enrolment fee is fully refundable on Day 5 if you do not feel that Show Up Challenge has helped you move forward with your brilliant idea. Just email “Your workshops are not helping me” and you’ll get a refund within 3 business days, no questions asked!

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Roslyn Foo, Marketing Coach

I can’t wait to smash this 5-day challenge with you!

I am the founder of Show Up School and CEO of the international marketing agency, Glamorrazi. For over a decade, I’ve helped over 120 businesses thrive through our transformative approach to purpose-driven brand building.

In a world where consumers are more attracted to purpose-led brands, I know the journey that you are on and I am excited to guide you to create a modern brand and establish your business that is authentic and built to last.

As a student of Show Up Challenge, you will get direct access to my marketing expertise accumulated over 12 years, with smart and professional techniques to get things done quicker and better. Plus some handy done-for-you templates to accelerate your launch. 

If you feel called to launch a business and all you needed was a way to go online without the expensive cost of hiring designers, developers, content creators and marketers – you are in the right place.

Show Up Challenge is risk-free. Join today and see for yourself how this 5-day guided marketing short course can help you launch your brilliant idea!

Roslyn Foo