Be Driven By Purpose In Life & In Business

Be Driven By Purpose In Life & In Business

Show Up Stage - On Passion & Purpose with Alan Riva
People often ask me why I’m so passionate about entrepreneurship. They want to know what it is that drives me to keep going when things get tough.
The answer, for me, is simple: my purpose-driven business.
A purpose-driven business isn’t something that’s reserved for big companies or well-funded startups. It’s a way of life that anyone can adopt, no matter what stage their business is in.
In this conversation with Purpose Coach Alan Riva, we talked about:
What is a purpose-driven business and why should you have one?
If you’re looking for a reason to keep pushing forward, here are four reasons why you should have a purpose-driven business.
  1. A purpose-driven business gives you meaning and direction
  2. It helps you stay motivated during tough times
  3. It attracts the right people and partnerships
  4. It generates financial rewards and it brings you joy.
Do you feel like your business is just a job? That it’s not really going anywhere and you’re just stagnant? It might be time to start thinking about giving your business a purpose.
Or perhaps you’re still working for a job that you are not excited to get out of bed in the morning anymore, and you have an idea (or a few) and you wonder if you can turn it into a business? If you find yourself smiling or your heart beating faster just by thinking of it, then it’s time for you to put your idea to the test. It’s time to show up!
A purpose-driven business can be so much more fulfilling and motivating because it will attract customers who will appreciate it. As Alan shared in this video, it has the potential to make more money and I absolutely agree with him. You’ll have more fun with your work when you and your team are led by your shared purpose. And ultimately, your business can create more impact which is good for the world!
If you’re looking for a way to connect with your greater purpose and find meaning in your business, Show Up School can help. Our online course is designed to help entrepreneurs like you uncover their unique gifts and share them with the world. We believe that when we show up authentically in our businesses, we not only generate more financial rewards but also bring joy into our lives and the lives of those around us.
Are you ready to shine your light? Then I am here to help.
With all my love 💛
Roslyn Foo

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